Installment Purchase Without Proof of Income with the Condition

Installment Purchase Without Receipts Only with Condition

Installment Purchase Without Receipts Only with Condition

Certainly every one of you has experienced the feeling of disappointment when you find a beautiful seat, a new TV or a living room in the store, but once again you can not afford it. Your family budget just won’t let go. And do you know they don’t even have to let go?

Currently, most vendors provide hire-purchase and even unnecessarily high interest rates. You don’t have to run around the banks and look for a high interest consumer loan for a few euros. You will equip everything in a few minutes in the stone shop or even online in the selected e-shop.

Hire purchase is another loan

Hire purchase is another loan

If you have decided to buy a hire-purchase product, you also need to notice some factors that indicate how expensive your purchase will actually be. The RPMN, which includes interest, the loan fee, and the account maintenance fee, will give you more details.

What do you have to do when buying on installments?

What do you have to do when buying on installments?

As with a loan application, hire-purchase itself precedes the need to meet the basic conditions. First of all, you must reach the age of majority – 18 years and prove a valid civil ID card with permanent residence in Slovakia.

Installment payments without proof of income are only possible in a single case if you are employed for a permanent employment (TPP). This information can be verified by the installer itself through the Social Insurance Agency.

Businesses, sole traders are required to have more confirmation from the tax office and profit-taking over the past period.

The risk group of loan applicants is the elderly, persons receiving disability pension, material need benefits or mothers on maternity leave. All these persons have lower income and in addition to the usual documents they must prove the amount of the pension or parental allowance and proof of the collection amount. In many cases, the applicant – a person with a fixed income working on the TPP – is needed together.

Including the aforementioned general criteria, each installment company determines its specific terms of purchase of the goods in installments. You will find a number of non-bank companies in Slovakia that will be happy to provide you with a payment schedule.

Without down payment only to a certain height

Without down payment only to a certain height

When purchasing, it is usually necessary to pay a deposit, ie an advance of 10 – 15% (according to company conditions) of the value of the goods. If you do not have your own funds available, paying down a down payment may appear as a partial disadvantage, especially for more expensive goods over 1000 euros.

Let’s take a look at a brief overview of the terms and conditions of the most well-known installers on our market:


One of the largest installment companies with a long tradition. It provides the sale of goods exclusively on installments, with the option to choose the amount of the down payment and the repayment period. The advantage is the speed of delivery of goods along with the loan agreement and free shipping. It requires a ID card or other proof of identity and a confirmation from your employer of your income. In the case of pensioners, a certificate of retirement pension, which may not be more than one month old. A certified copy of the tax return is sufficient for the trader.


Unlike the previous company, Singko does not sell the goods directly, but cooperates with many stone stores and e-shops. If you have selected goods in a store that has a Singko logo, remember that it must be worth between 100 euros and 7000 euros.

As for documents, prepare your ID card, or any other proof of identity and current confirmation of your income. In case your goods exceeds 5,000 euros, your so-called. the loan is assessed individually. The advantage is the possibility of buying through eshop, after submitting all the necessary documents you will come sms, or an email containing all the information and contract ready for signature.


Installment hire is also possible by another installment company Yoabank, which cooperates with a relatively wide network of stone and internet shops. It provides its services to citizens from 18 to 70 years of age with permanent residence in Slovakia and regular income.

Including a consumer loan application, you must also provide proof of identity and consent to verify your data from the Social Insurance Agency. Foreigners with residence permits in Slovakia and people working abroad can also apply for hire purchase. The advantage is the possibility of buying goods in installments of up to EUR 17,000 and its early repayment.

House Credit

Well-known installment company cooperating with more than 8000 stores throughout Slovakia. It differs from others by providing installment goods even without a down payment, but up to a maximum of 6000 euros.

Thus, no more cash is needed for the first installment. For your equipment you only need an ID card along with one more proof of identity and proof of income. In the case of entrepreneurs, the exact address of the company and the company ID number are also required.

Each of these installment companies has its own specificities. While somewhere you can determine the repayment amount and repayment period yourself, in another company these attributes are fixed. So before you sign the contract, consider your financial options, compare the offers and remember the financial reserve in case of unforeseen events.

An alternative to repayment – a non-purpose loan

If you’ve looked for a number of things you need in your home, you can use a purpose-free loan in practical terms. You do not have to think about paying individual installments, but you pay only one loan installment.

Its advantage is quick approval, you do not need to document what you buy for money and you can have it in your account within a few hours.

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