Installment loan: Interest and Facts in the Check

Zedarbank is considered by many experts and above all customers as the perfect partner for all essential banking transactions, from checking accounts to savings products, custody account management (for investments in equities, funds, etc.) and capital formation, mortgages and other financing models. The direct bank, founded in 1965 as the Bank for Savings and Asset Management Ltd (BSV), bore the name Zedarbank since 1999, before later followed by a renaming to the present name. More than 4,000 employees work for the bank, which has just won several test winners over the years with its Zedarbank credits. Reason enough to have a look at the various loans – from installment loans to mortgages, taking into account your personal real estate request and your financial situation. The service provider will also help you with the debt repayment. A residual credit insurance can be arranged if required. has details

This Zedarbank loan includes the portfolio at the moment (as of: 07/2018)

  • installment loan
  • credit line
  • car loan
  • Home loan
  • Real estate and construction financing

In order not to forget any important details on the subject of the loan, mention should be made here of the credit line, which you can have set up for a free current account in individual amounts. The variable annual overdraft and overdraft interest rate (07/2018) is currently at a relatively low level of 6.99%.

Zedarbank installment loan

The # 1 among Zedarbank loans is the normal installment loan . The low annual effective interest rate is particularly noticeable in this case. It allows a favorable use of the loan for debt consolidation purposes. Several top places in comparisons in the past years speak for the offer.

  • The detailed overview (as of 07/2018, source Zedarbank):
  • Loan amount (net): from 5,000 to 50,000 euros
  • Time frame: 12 to 84 months
  • annual fixed borrowing rate: 3.72%
  • Annual effective interest rate: 3.79%
  • Special repayments: free and feasible at any time
  • Application: on request completely online including identification process
  • Our representative example of Zedarbank credit:
  • Net loan amount: 10,000 euros
  • Financing term: 84 months
  • fixed loan installment per month: 135.41 euros
  • APR: 3.79%
  • Debit interest rate per annum (tied): 3.72%
  • Total credit costs: 11,373.84 euros

When designing your loan, you can use the conditions in the loan calculator can choose to display a desired rate for the repayment or over the desired period. Positive: Your non-binding request for the installment loan is “private credit-neutral”, so that no deterioration of the private credit score arises. Free special repayments or early repayments characterize the Zedarbank credit so very customer-friendly. Immediately after the request, a preliminary examination will be carried out.

Completion succeeds completely via the Internet


Interested parties are particularly flexible, as the entire procedure can be carried out online. Instead of the classic PostIdent procedure, the direct bank from Frankfurt relies on the in-house VideoIdent model. After contacting customer support, you can use a webcam to show your photo ID to prove your identity. This allows you to go through all stages of financing from any location, regardless of the opening hours of bank branches. The bank also conducts income checks digitally. A risk life insurance can be concluded via the partner CrackerDirect. You also specify the date for the payment. Another advantage of the installment loan is the optional use as a loan for the self-employed and freelancers , without the need for special security measures. Income receipts with regularly recognizable entries in the account are sufficient for the application – in addition to the positive private credit information.

Advantageous →

If borrowers need more money during the eradication process, renewals can be made up to the original loan amount (sometimes even beyond) after an initial period of six months after the repayment start date. In addition, rates can be increased free of charge if the income situation is changed or reduced within the maturity range.

Framework credit of Zedarbank

The direct bank rightly applies this Zedarbank as a financial companion with high reliability. Because in this case, borrowers can have as flexible as possible at any time an individual line of credit. Once approved, funds can, if necessary, be called up to the agreed upper limit and repaid flexibly. When you balance how much of the balance, you decide yourself.

  • Key data (07/2018) on the framework credit
  • Credit line (net) from € 2,500 to € 25,000
  • Runtime limit: none
  • Minimum for monthly installments: 1,00 Euro
  • variable borrowing rate per annum: 5.83%
  • Annual effective interest rate: 5.99%

If the creditworthiness is sufficient, the loan can be applied for within a few minutes. Due to the interest rate, the Zedarbank is the better alternative for customers who would otherwise resort to the more expensive credit line. With only € 1.00 minimum payment per month, the requirement in this point is very low. Given the annual effective rate, you pay 4.86 interest per month for 1,000 euros loan.

1.000 € for only 4.86 € interest / month! 

Remember, the more you pay, the more scope you will have for future withdrawals from the credit account. With constant use the installment loan is the cheaper choice despite the simple application of the frame loan, since there are possible stocking up. In many tests (eg of the transmitter n-tv) the RackerterCredit occupied for years front places.

Zedarbank car loan

Car financing can also be found in the portfolio of the direct bank from Frankfurt. In general, customers can buy many different types of car with this Zedarbank car from motorcycles to vans. Which vehicle you finance is up to you. Below it becomes clear that there are parallels to the details of the installment loan. As a major advantage of the loan, the bank lists possible discounts when buying a car from your dream vehicle.

The conditions in the overview (as of July 2018)

  • Loan amount (net): from 5,000 to 50,000 euros
  • Travel time: from 24 to 84 months
  • annual effective interest rate: 2.99%
  • bound annual rate: 2.95%
  • Our representative car loan example:
  • Net loan amount: 30,000 euros
  • Duration: 60 months
  • Effective interest rate per year: 2.99%
  • Debit interest rate per year (tied): 2.95% pa
  • Loan rate per month: 538.39 euros
  • Total amount: 32,303.04 euros

All borrowers receive the same terms . Not only is account management free of charge for the loan. Special repayments, changes in maturity and loan installments, as well as full repayments before the end of the projected term, will be carried out free of charge based on your financial position. Advances on the Zedarbank for the car purchase is waived. This applies equally to the usual high closing rates in many places. This offer of the bank secured in the past some test victory in the field of online loans for car finance. One advantage is the complete processing (including income check and uploading of all important documents such as tax and income notices) via the platform of the direct bank. Even the signing of the loan agreement can be done digitally. You already finance a car? Then you can use the loan for a favorable rescheduling.

Zedarbank modernization loan

Conversions, renovations and modernization of the living space quickly cost a penny of money. For customers with such plans, the bank has its own offer in the range. Regardless of whether you are a civil servant, employed, self-employed or self-employed: the modernization loan from Zedarbank helps you financially on the jumps. Important for the awarding of such a loan is that you yourself are the owner of the property.

Data on the modernization loan (July / 2018)

  • Net loan amount: from 5,000 to 50,000 euros
  • Running times: from 24 to 84 months
  • Debit rate tied: 3.15% per annum
  • Effective interest rate: 3.19% pa

The financing comes without the occasionally required entry in the land register, so that no additional costs for the Zedarbank or burdens for home or apartment arise. Quotation is convenient because you can either determine the general conditions on the website of the bank on the basis of your desired rate or you can request a request sum. So you have the opportunity, for example, based on the term and your loan request from different variants to select your favorite. Apart from the low fixed loan installments, the loan also scores highly with the optional use of replacing existing loan agreements and the free choice of your payout date. A risk life insurance from CrackerDirect can be booked as a hedge.

Representative example of the ” home loan “:

  • Net loan amount: 25,000 euros
  • Desired time: 70 months
  • annual effective interest rate: 3.19%
  • annual borrowing rate: 3.15%
  • monthly loan installment: 391.43 euros
  • Total credit amount: 27.399,89 Euro

If required, the Income Check can also be accessed directly digitally, and your documents can be uploaded to the platform. So you can quickly go through all the important steps – including proof of identity via the VideoIdent process and digital signature under your credit agreement. Thus, the residential loan so even with very acute capital requirements to the alternative.

Zedarbank credit for your mortgage lending


With its offer for mortgage lending, the Frankfurter Direktbank also regularly ranks higher in front rankings. The format can also serve as a forward loan, with which customers can secure favorable interest rates in the run-up to actual financing. Especially in the planned new construction, this is extremely helpful, the lending rates of the bank should rise in a timely manner. Starting with a yearly effective interest rate of just 1.20%, there is currently mortgage lending. The personal consultation should always come first with such large credit burdens.

An overview of the information for this Zedarbank loan:

  • Their intended purpose (new building, new or second-hand purchase, rescheduling, etc.)
  • the purchase price for the desired property
  • the amount of accumulated equity
  • the nature of the financed object (apartment, single or multi-family land, etc.)
  • Type of use → rental, commercial and / or private use
  • fixed interest period
  • the repayment rate per year

Borrowers can regularly secure regional discounts on the interest rate on this loan. For use as a forward loan, customers pay a premium of 0.75% on the annual borrowing rate.

Facts about ZedraBank mortgage lending:

  • Interest-rate security up to 12 months through special offer for forward offer
  • Conclusion of the loan agreement with a maximum of 36 months in advance
  • up to 10 years fixed interest rate
  • optionally two changes to the repayment conditions during the term
  • Special repayments up to a maximum of 5.00% of the remaining debt annually

It becomes clear that the Zedarbank loan for mortgage lending can be tailored very precisely to your financial situation and your plans to buy or build a new one.

Important information about the Zedarbank

Important information about the Zedarbank



Especially with their convincing customer service, Zedarbank has been scoring for years in tests and comparisons. When founding the most successful German direct bank in 1965, the company was still called bank for savings and wealth creation AG (BSV), then as today, the since 1999 under the present name managed bank is based in the German financial center. The bank continues to be one of the leading service providers with its comprehensive product offering, and not only in the area of ​​direct banks. According to Selbstportrait, the bank currently manages more than nine million customers, who can take advantage of credit, account models, investment and savings opportunities and other benefits. Among others, the trade magazine “€ uro” named Zedarbank 2017 Germany’s most popular bank. The online service has always been so good that the waiver of its own branch network in the analysis is not significant. By contrast, the favorable interest rates for the various Zedarbank loans already, because as a borrower you can enjoy very fair terms.

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