Consumer loan up to 10 000 euros, loan on favorable terms

Such a loan is a non-target loan, so the money can be spent for any need, from the first down payment on the mortgage to the purchase of the essentials. A consumer loan is much easier to apply for than a car loan or mortgage, it is considered a short term loan and can be issued in cash or by bank transfer to your credit card or bank account at any bank.

Adding another advantage to a consumer credit description is the presentation in various ways :

  • Via Internet Banking.
  • Personal visit to the creditor’s branch.
  • At any store that has a specific bank service point for making large purchases on credit (including car showrooms).

Good Credit consumer loan


In today’s highly competitive environment, a platform of credit organizations and banks was formed very quickly in Latvia, which at the same time started offering the most demanded range of financial instruments . Now almost every credit company can apply for leasing, get money against a car or home mortgage, apply for a combined loan, etc. The range of loans at each bank can vary, but every lender always has the popular consumer credit on offer.

By doing a little analysis of the creditor’s work and paying attention to the borrower’s feedback, it can be concluded that Good Credit consumer credit differs from similar programs of other banks on more accessible terms. Thanks to the Bank’s loyalty and financial instrument, Good Credit Consumer Credit has been able to conquer a whole army of admirers, which has resulted in many grateful comments on various websites.

Good Credit Consumer Credit Terms

Good Credit Consumer Credit Terms

  • The loan amount is 1000 – 10 000 euros.
  • Annual interest rate – from 14.9%.
  • Refund period 3-72 months.
  • Fast application processing in half an hour, free of charge.
  • Some persons have access to credit – all adults of LR with official income.
  • Applying for a loan can be done as follows: through the Internet bank or at any of Good Credit branches .

On the Good Credit consumer credit page, every borrower can evaluate their options using the online loan calculator. Such a virtual device is offered here as two rulers with sliders, which when moving can determine the loan amount and repayment period. As a result, the system will process the entered parameters and in a second will provide the monthly payment amount according to the selected conditions.

Reviewing most reviews of Good Credit loans, not just consumer loans, can lead to the conclusion that a creditor is really helping his clients reach their business goals, get out of difficult financial situations, or simply cover unexpected expenses.

The simplicity and availability of Good Credit consumer credit is as follows: the borrower does not need to offer collateral in order to get the money. All that is required of the client is official income, albeit small.

Good Credit consumer loan processing mechanism


In order to easily receive Good Credit credit , each borrower first needs to understand the financial aid processing mechanism:

  1. Filling in the application . Filling in and submitting an application with your data is required so that Good Credit can evaluate your options and offer you a suitable credit program accordingly. Applying for a loan is possible with the help of official Good Credit page or personally visiting one of the lender’s branches.
  2. Receiving the optimal offer from Good Credit . Once the customer’s data is reviewed by Good Credit specialists, the customer will be offered an individual borrowing program. During the phone call you will be able to find out the terms and conditions of the specific Good Credit borrower – the representative of the company will immediately contact the applicant after making the decision. Depending on the type of credit chosen by the borrower, the application can be processed within 10 minutes to 2 business days. If you decide to apply for Good Credit consumer loan, you will get the bank’s decision in the shortest time.
  3. Signing of the credit agreement. After sending the individual Good Credit offer to the client, he / she will have to review it and announce his / her decision : whether he / she wants to apply for a loan with such conditions or not. If the next borrower chooses to receive the loan, he / she will have to visit Good Credit branch personally, taking along the necessary documents. You will find out exactly how the signing of the agreement, which it will need, will take place by phone call with Good Credit specialist.
  4. Receiving money . How quickly the borrower will receive the full amount of the loan from Good Credit will depend on the type of loan he has decided to draw up. When it comes to consumer credit, the money will be credited to the customer’s current account within 30 minutes of signing the credit agreement.